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Massage Therapy



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Ashiatsu Massage

Feet instead of hands are doing the massage.  Bars on the ceiling are used for balance.  The pressure is deep with slow and broad strokes.

Swedish Massage

Intuitive touch to find areas of tension and improve muscle function and mobility while still providing a relaxing experience. Light to deep pressure.  

Image by Toa Heftiba
Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones

Heat from stones provide a relaxing way to work deeper in the muscles effectively and gently. 



 Negative pressure pulls tissue away from the body to allow more blood flow to a specific area. 

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Reiki Treatment


Hands are placed on or above the body and held there for energetic attention to chakras for enhanced relaxation and healing.  

Tuning Forks

Solfeggio frequency tuning forks provide an instantaneous, deep state of relaxation to enhance your bodywork.  

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Salts Massage

Add a Scrub

Enjoy exfoliation of  the feet or back with a CBD infused Sugar Scrub


Receive Far Infrared Ray Heat from FDA

Medical Device

during your service.

Click here for more info.  

Add CBD Oil

Organic CBD oil & pain relieving cream is used during your massage.


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"Kate does excellent work, great focus on detail and very professional. I will be booking again and would recommend her to anyone!" - Patrick O.  

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