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Spiral Staircase



"I had an excellent experience in my regression session with Kate.  She listened carefully to my previous regression experiences and effectively inserted some of the details into this regression session. I had a very positive regression and I am happy with the results. Kate is a sensitive and effective regression practitioner."  - Susan O. 

Dry Soil

Deepen understanding of  yourself and your relationship with people. 


Understand the limitlessness of time and space to diminish fear of death.

Uncover & heal past life trauma that may be responsible for phobias, depression and anxiety.


Remember aspects of past lives and build positive mental examples for current life stages.

Stainless Steel

Clarify past life memories or deja vu experiences & explore the meanings of unusual dreams.

"Why does one not recall more often those (past life) experiences?  The same may be asked as to why there is not the remembering of the time when two and two to the entity became four, or when C A T spelled cat.  It always did! You only became aware of this as it became necessary for you to make practical application in your experience." 

-Edgar Cayce Reading 2301-4

Historic Busts


Regression Hypnotherapy is natural and safe, positive, and opens a doorway to deep memory.  

Expect to be walked through a guided meditation.  In that meditative space my voice will guide you through a dream-like experience.  

Regressions can be done in person or online via Zoom from the comfort of your own home. 

90 minutes $133

Park in the Fall
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