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"All I can say is WOW! Truly amazing massage therapist. I felt like a totally different person after she was done." -Troy H


Kate Fortin L.M.T.


I love helping to keep you in good health and know that regular massage and bodywork is an excellent way to care for yourself.  

Holistically trained at the A.R.E. Cayce/Reilly school of Massotherapy here in Virginia Beach, the mind - body - spirit connection is always considered with every treatment.  

From light and relaxing energetic work to deep and targeted pressure, my customizable massages are sure to meet the needs of everyone.  

Take a look at my service menu to see what I have to offer!

"I walked in almost in tears with sciatic nerve pain and after 90 mins it was gone! LOVED it!" - Raichelle

Back Massage

Price and menu changes below are taking effect September 1st 2020

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Massage & Bodywork

Customizable to fit your needs, ask about combining multiple modalities in your session.



Your preference of light to deep pressure.
Ashiatsu Massage
Parallel bars on the ceiling help to balance while I use my feet instead of my hands to perform the massage.  The pressure is deep with slow and broad strokes.  
Prenatal Massage 
Recommended after the 1st trimester.  Special attention to parts of the body that take on stress as the woman’s body experiences different phases of pregnancy.  
Foot Reflexology
Take care of the feet and take care of the body.  Your feet have nerve endings from all over the body and massaging them can help other areas.  
An energy technique that helps you to achieve feelings balance and peace.  Hands are placed over or above the body in line with the chakras.  

 45 minutes - $65
60 minutes - $80
75 minutes - $95
90 minutes - $110
105 minutes - $125
120 minutes - $140


Complimentary Add-ons:
 Aromatic hot towels added to back, neck, and feet in every service. 

CBD Spot Treatment

CBD pain relieving cream added to one area of major tension. 
Hot Stones

Warms your muscles to enhance relaxation.  

Negative pressure pulls tissue away to create more blood flow to a specific area.

Additional Add-ons:

Foot or Back Scrub

Exfoliate your feet or back with a sugar scrub.  - $5

Dry Brushing

Helps with lymphatic system and exfoliates skin.  Keep your brush.   - $10

CBD Plus
Experience CBD from head to toe for a more beneficial experience.  Pain relieving cream used on the spine and areas of most tension.   - $15


Chair Massage

Clothed massage focused for back, shoulders, neck, & arms. 

15 min - $15

30 min - $30











Delivery Charge (available within Oceanfront area): $45

Gift Certificates Available


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"My favorite massage therapist ever ♡ I've had countless massages from countless people and Kate is always the best!" - Jennifer Hurt



1213 Laskin Road

Suite 104

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